Best Mulch Types for All Garden Beds

Eltham gardens range from huge, hilly proportions to sweet little cottage gardens and everything in between, so it’s no wonder we need to stock a large range of mulches to accommodate.

What is the purpose of mulch?

Mulch has many jobs outside of just making your garden look fantastic. It allows water to pass through, slows down run off and conversely the rate of evaporation, therefore holding moisture around the plants roots. Mulches are relatively quick to spread out over the garden bed surface but they save you a lot of work by suppressing weed growth. Some mulches like the Recycled Hardwood Mulch, Red Gum Chips and Pea Straw even break down to create a soil conditioner, feeding nutrients back into the garden year round, yet another valuable attribute.

Which mulch is best for my garden?

Tell us what type of garden you have and we can advise the best mulch for you. Many people around Eltham have sloping garden beds that can prove tricky holding mulch as it tends to wash away in the first downpour. Eltham Mulch and Homestead Mulch, with a combination of chunky bark and stringy fines counteract this by helping them mesh and hug onto hills.

If you live in an area where it’s high fire risk you might want to avoid combustible mulch. We have a great decorative aggregate topping called Tuscan 20mm. It looks great and it won’t break down, won’t blow away and won’t burn but it will still hold moisture in the ground and supress weeds.

What colour mulch do you have?

Our mulches come in many shapes, sizes and colours to aesthetically work with the style of your garden and accentuate your plant’s foliage. We have:

  • pale cream-grey
  • mid–dark brown
  • orange tones
  • almost black

Our new range includes chunky bark chips to finer shredded mulches, straws, decorative aggregates and river pebbles. Check out our range in Mulch, Soil and Fertiliser and Quarry, Sand and Cement.

Sam Webster predicts Bio-Mat Mulch will be this season’s favourite. “I love the fact it’s naturally dark, almost black without being sprayed. It’s great for contemporary gardens. We have people asking for black mulch and I think the sprayed stuff looks fake. This comes from Adelaide and has been cooked for three weeks so it’s rich, healthy and well composted. ”

What types of mulch do you have in stock?

How do I calculate how much mulch I need?

If you have rough measurements of your garden bed area bring them into the shop and we can help work out how much mulch you need. We recommend you spread the mulch at a depth of 10cm minimum as it will compress down as it settles.

Here’s how to calculate:

Width x Length x Depth (0.10) = m3

Don’t worry if you require a few cubic meters as we offer the convenience of a delivery service for bulk loads. We deliver daily to Hurstbridge, Research, Diamond Creek, Montmorency, Lower Plenty, Eltham and beyond.

Now is a great time to mulch, it’s an economical and effective way to spruce up your whole garden ready to entertain over these warmer months.  We love talking mulch. Come in and talk to us about the great plans you have. We may have a few suggestions to help you on you merry way.