Wicking Beds DIY

Eltham Garden Supplies - How to prepare wicking bed
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A wicking bed is a self watering garden bed. It’s ideal because you don’t have to water it every day. It means if you go away or if you’re generally busy you don’t have to worry about keeping your garden beds watered.  Depending on the season, it can go up to 2 weeks without watering.

Step 1

Ensure your Wicking Bed is level . This is critical for the Wicking Bed to work properly.

Place the supplied Underlay on top of the Pond Liner.

Step 2

Pour in the Scoria to a height of 200mm.

You will first need to pour half of the Scoria to a level of 100mm followed by the Flexible Slotted Pipe (AG Pipe).

Once the pipe is in, add the remaining Scoria until it is level with the Overflow outlet. The Scoria must also be level to create an even water table.

Step 3

Add a layer of Geotextile Fabric over the Scoria, making sure it covers all of the Scoria and Overflow outlet.

Step 4

Add soil until it reaches the top of the box.

This layer should be between 300–400mm. Add water to your Wicking Box by filling the Water Inlet pipe at the top of the box, until water begins to come out of the Overflow outlet.

Then give the soil a little water. You are now ready for planting.