lawn seed falling through fingers

Lawn Seed

Planting lawn seed has many benefits, it’s economical and effective at covering large areas, over sowing the existing or just filling holes. Spring is the perfect time to throw out lawn seed as it’s wet and warm which stimulates fast, strong growth. We can offer advice about the best lawn seed blends suited for different soil types. We can also advise you how to improve your soil before sowing.

Types of the Lawn Seeds available from Webster Farm and Garden:

  • Drought tolerant
  • Fast establishment
  • Hard wearing
  • Good in sun and shade
  • SPS – Oasis Water saver Lawn Blend

Lawn Mixes Available:

  • Hardy lawn mix
  • Oasis Lawn mix
  • Kikuyu

Talk to us about making up a custom blend for you.
We stock an extensive range of lawn care products from Lawn Solutions Australia such as Sir Launcher – water saving starter fertiliser and nutrient accelerator for healthy root growth and moisture retention at root line. Our tub sizes range from small to bulk sizes.

We stock a range of products from Stephens Pasture Seeds.