bark forest mulch image

Garden Mulch, Bark and Straw

Garden mulch has many benefits beyond just being an aesthetic topping for your garden beds.

  • Mulch traps valuable moisture in the ground, retaining it around the plants roots so the sun can warm the soil but it won’t dry out as quickly.
  • Mulch reduces run off by allowing rainfall to seep through slowly
  • Mulch suppresses the growth of weeds.
  • Mulch such as Recycled Hardwood or Straw actually breaks down to nourish and feed the garden, forming a hummus rich soil.

The prime time to apply mulch is before Spring to capture and hold the spring rains and minimise weed growth, and again in autumn if needed.

For most mulch products the recommended depth is 8-10cm. Bring in your garden bed measurements and we can calculate how much you will need.


Bark is used more as a weed suppressant and aesthetic ground cover to finish off a garden or landscaped area, bark also retains moisture in the soil.


Straw is a light; loose mulch primarily used on vegetable gardens and around fruit trees. It’s great for holding moisture in the garden bed and breaks down over a season to nourish the soil. It creates a lovely aesthetic too on garden beds.