image of tinning toppings for driveways and landscaping

Gravel Driveway Topping

A decorative finish for driveways, paths and gardens; it is a unique alternative to brick paving or concrete.  The surface beautifully enhances landscapes, especially gardens with lots of native vegetation.

Toppings will vary in colour and size but they pack down really well, giving a high quality finish that is very low maintenance.

Lilydale Topping is no longer available due to the Lilydale Quarry closure

The Sibelco Lilydale quarry has closed due to the depletion of its limestone resources and a bottoming out of the market.

Sibelco’s Lilydale quarry site produced quicklime, hydrated lime and associated products for over 140 years. The product commonly known as Lilydale Topping has been the staple of Melbourne driveways and paths for a long time and many people are scouring the web in the hope of finding some. Many of our competitors are saying they have it but unless they have a personal stockpile it just isn’t available. However give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to suggest some suitable alternatives.