We stock quality hay for horses all year round. Our hay makes great fodder for all farm livestock including alpacas, sheep, goats, lamas and cattle.

We source and deliver round or square bales. Ask us what we have in stock; if it’s not here we will order it for you.

Hay varieties available from our Eltham store:

  • Grass Hay – We seasonally acquire many variations of hay from standard meadow, pasture, clover-rye hay, clover hay to low sugar hay
  • Lucerne – Nutritious, high energy horse feed but it also makes a really good mulch as it goes a long way
  • Oaten Hay –Used for fodder and bedding
  • Barley Straw – Generally used as bedding for chooks, rabbits, guinea pigs and horse stables
  • Pea Straw – Great as a garden mulch as it suppresses weeds, holds in moisture and decomposes into nutritious feed for the seedlings – available in bales and compressed bags