Poultry Supplies

We offer a range of supplies for chickens and poultry to support them in growing, living and laying at their optimum. So if you need help with setting up a chicken coop, we can give you advice on the best bedding for your hens or any other care or medicinal products.

We stock all you need for a chicken coop in Eltham:

  • Laying boxes
  • Fake plastic eggs to promote laying
  • Feed-O-Matic Treadle Feeder
  • Breeder’s Choice wood shavings for chicken runs and bedding
  • Bagged Hay
  • Supplements for health and stronger eggs

Do your poultry need pest control for infestations of worms, lice or mites?

We stock a range or medicinal products to support healthy stock. Healthy birds equal happy birds.