Decorative Aggregate – Tuscan 20mm

Volume Calculator

Use our simple calculator to work out exactly how much mulch, soil, sand, pebbles or any of our bulk loads you will need.

Use our chart to work out the depth you will need.


Add an additional garden area to the total volume

Suggested Depths

  • Mulch
  • New mulch — 10cm
  • Topping up — 7cm
  • Soil
  • New garden bed — 20cm
  • Topping up — 5cm
  • Aggregate
  • Foot traffic — 7cm
  • Light vehicles — 10cm
  • Heavy vehicles — 15cm
Volume Calculator


Also known as Sunset Sharps, it’s a light, pinkish-cream hue

Best Suited For:

Used as a mulch, it lets through the water and it won’t break down or blow away like bark can so it lasts for a very long time. It is chunky with no fines so it doesn’t bind up like a drive or pathway aggregate. Light in colour, highlights dark areas around your house or garden. Convenient in high traffic areas where you might want to walk or park your car and plant on the edges.