River Stone – 40-100mm

Volume Calculator

Use our simple calculator to work out exactly how much mulch, soil, sand, pebbles or any of our bulk loads you will need.

Use our chart to work out the depth you will need.


Add an additional garden area to the total volume

Suggested Depths

  • Mulch
  • New mulch — 10cm
  • Topping up — 7cm
  • Soil
  • New garden bed — 20cm
  • Topping up — 5cm
  • Aggregate
  • Foot traffic — 7cm
  • Light vehicles — 10cm
  • Heavy vehicles — 15cm
Volume Calculator

It’s application or use is only limited by your imagination. They offer texture and colour to gardens, they sit well up against a path, around gardens and around plants in pots to help retain moisture where bark or mulch is not wanted. It can be used as a topping for pathways and driveways, it depends on your desired outcome or experience. River stones are heavier than standard garden pebbles and therefore don’t lift and move easily, this makes them great to use around the garden if you have pets that tend to dig up your mulch.