Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

Volume Calculator

Use our simple calculator to work out exactly how much mulch, soil, sand, pebbles or any of our bulk loads you will need.

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Add an additional garden area to the total volume

Suggested Depths

  • Mulch
  • New mulch — 10cm
  • Topping up — 7cm
  • Soil
  • New garden bed — 20cm
  • Topping up — 5cm
  • Aggregate
  • Foot traffic — 7cm
  • Light vehicles — 10cm
  • Heavy vehicles — 15cm
Volume Calculator

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn remains a favourite for all seasons.  It has been developed to be tough in Australia’s extreme climates yet soft under foot.

What are the benefits of Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn?

  • Suited to Melbourne conditions
  • Drought tolerant
  • Thrives in full sun or partly shaded areas
  • Grows tight to suppress other weeds
  • Tolerates salt
  • Low allergen rating
  • Soft to touch, not itchy

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