Vegetable Seedlings and Soil

Best soil mix for vegetable seedlings

We’re excited that our vegetable seedlings have arrived in time for spring. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your own edible garden grow, and by Summer you will be enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) from your labour of love.

Just like our business our vegetable seedling range is growing by the day.  We are also proud to announce our Mini Nursery which hosts an array of local Native Plants, Flowers, Herbs as well as our Vegetable Seedling range.

Our Vegetable Seedling range includes:

  • Tomatoes – Apollo, KY1, Patio, Roma, Sweet Bite
  • Strawberries – Temptations
  • Beetroot
  • Capsicum
  • Cucumber – Lebanese
  • Chilli – Thai, Wildfire
  • Lettuce – Iceberg, Baby Cos, Salad Mix
  • Spring Onions
  • Onion – Red Skin
  • Rocket – Mixed
  • Baby Spinach
  • Zucchini – Gold Rush

If you don’t see what you are after, give us a call and we will order it for you.

We stock everything you need to get your garden growing and thriving; including planter boxes for wicking beds, premium soils, conditioners, manures, mulches and fertilisers.

When you visit our Eltham store, we are on hand to give you advice to accompany your product purchase. As keen gardeners ourselves, we are very familiar with the best growing conditions in and around Eltham.

These are some of our client’s most commonly asked questions.

What’s the best soil mix for vegetable seedlings?

This is largely dependent on what plants you wish to grow and getting the right pH and nutrient balance for optimal root development and growth. You may be starting a new garden bed, in which case we would suggest using our Organic Super Mix soil blend as the main base component. It’s a blend of sandy loam soil with wood shavings, chicken manure and organic green waste. We’ve had great feedback from customers who have found this soil mix helps hold moisture whilst being nutrient rich with fertilisers.

How can I improve my vegetable garden soil?

Whether you are building a new raised garden bed or rejuvenating, tired old soil we would suggest digging through some rich organic matter such as our Mushroom Compost and some bags of Cow Manure. These additives will help improve your soil as they break down whilst feeding your plants at the same time.

How can I improve clay soil before planting?

Many locals tell us their soil is very heavy with clay content. Although clay is full of nutrients it doesn’t drain well in winter or hold moisture through summer so it needs help to become the perfect ground for plant growth. We suggest digging through a healthy serving of Soil Conditioner, it loosens the soil to assist with drainage, helps with moisture retention and breaks down quickly over a year into a nutrient rich soil.

So if you’ve always wanted to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs, why not get busy and create a healthy soil foundation in your garden. Your plants will not only thank you now but also well into the future.